Wildy Expressive Art

for Wild and Expressive People

It is the interlacing lines of the Celtic Creatures that I paint that make them so fun to watch. The sense of movement created by these lines generates momentum in myself, in my audience and in the resulting painting. Energy fills us; we are super-alive. Creature heads rise from the complex patterns and bare their ferocious teeth in vivid color; these mythical creatures celebrate the dangerous element of ancient Insular Art.

I paint these creatures because:

  • They are difficult.
  • No one thought I could - paint six-foot interlacing knot-work animals in five minutes or less.
  • I like the risk factor of doing it with a live audience.
  • The painting of animal figures suggests veneration for the natural world.
  • The action style of painting contrasts with the precise nature of almost all modern Celtic artwork.
  • I think I can get away with it.