Circles in Circles

Circles in Circles

A New Live Painting Experience by Julie JAO

I am working on a new piece tentatively titled “Circles in Circles.” In this work my canvas lies flat on a table. A web cam mounted above the table feeds the video to my laptop running software that sees the luminance of the painting. Where the painting is darkest a video of water bubbling along in Minnehaha creek shows through. By adjusting the levels of luminance the video can show through a lot or a little.


Besides the fact that it looks cool why did I do this? You’ll be glad to know I have a darn good reason, but it is hard to explain. The painting is created by “printing” circles cut out of sponges and glued to wood. The raidii of the circles increase according to growth measure. I drew the growth measure diagram using projective geometry. As I work my way outward from the center of the canvas the image emerges. I have a plan, but this plan sometimes alters. There is a flow of energy and movement, related to music and nature, related to creeks and bubbles. By superimposing my drawing over the video I am trying to express the underlying energy of the creek, the geometric principals of growth and the natural experience of movement. How do we feel when we interact with nature? How does nature feel? What effect do we have on each other? Can we open our senses enough to share? Can we participate in a give and take? Or is our experience of nature just about taking?

Public presentations will be happening this summer. I’ll keep you posted.