Earth Spiral – Land Art

double spiral make with white rocks places on green grass
White Rock Spiral, 60" x 55" by Julie JAO, 2019

I am about to set sail so to speak on an artist residency in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. The Visitor Center Artist Camp will be hosting me and eleven other artists for two weeks. I will be working on building tools to assist me in making geometric land art. My ultimate goal is to sculpt space on the surface of Earth using natural elements: rocks, sticks, dirt, plants. Specifically I’d like to make earth spirals that people can walk through and experience with their bodies.

How will it feel to move in a spiral? If spirals are shapes symbolizing growth and transformation how will it feel to actually move in one? Does a Fibonacci spiral feel differently than a Archimedean spiral? How does it feel to walk a spiral alone? In a group? In silence? Singing? I’ll let you know in two weeks.

Meanwhile take a look at Spiral Jetty 1970 and Desert Breath 1997, two amazing Earth Spiral installations:

On my way home from the U.P. I’ll be pitching my tent at the fabulous Square Lake Music and Film Festival. They’ll be showing my animated short Kassandra and the Bus, along with many other fantastic films. Many people bike from the Cities to the event which is near Stillwater MN. Tickets available here.