Blue Bull

Interactive Installation 2017

In this work in progress an infrared camera picks up the spectator’s movement and generates a particle system that reveals the image. I am in the process of developing this idea and hope to eventually build a mobile interactive tunnel. Images projected onto the walls of the tunnel will appear and disappear as a people move through the space.

Experimental sections of this temporary outdoor installation will be completed this summer (2018) in Minneapolis, with the full size tunnel anticipated in 2019.

The Message

Live Performance / Video 2017

This piece can be presented as a live performance or a film.

In this 5 minute short I create a painting, breathe life into the image, and send it with a message to the spirit world.

This film is available for screenings.

Celtic Creatures 2016

A series of performed paintings inspired by ancient Celtic Art.

Stuck with God 2013

Live Performance including animations, film, live painting and storytelling.

In this 20 minute live performance I tell the story of my Catholic childhood and my search for alternative Gods.

Speed Painting 2005

I traveled the United States performing live painting in the back of my pick up truck.

La Sistina Infinita 2005

The Unruly Julies paint the Sistine Ceiling in 40 minutes, live lerformance

My partner, Giuliana Ciabo and I paint a reproduction of the famous ceiling.