Thinking of buying some art? Great idea.

Paintings of figures in my classic JAO style are available in large or medium sizes.

Abstract Geometric paintings range from small (6" x 6") to medium.

Flowers are new and will be updated as available. Contact me for custom work.

 [email protected]

Ellipse # 1, print

dark grey ellipse hovers above black paint strokes on yellow backgound


Harmonic Tone # 1

Harmonic tone image white on black by Julie Jao


Earth and Moon

Earth moon in proportion


Painting XP 398

action painted figure with red background on canvas


XP 397

simplified figure with arm stretched out on blue background


Painting XP 399

figure with arms flailing on orange background


Painting # 546

figure with large hands on yellow


Painting # 547

16" x 36" acrylic on canvas


Painting # 451

JAO Art painting on canvas, serious yet humorous face on a yellow background with flower-like pattern


Painting # 442

modern primitive style figure with big hands on ultramarine Blue background


Figure on Orange (sold)

expressively stylized stick figure with thick black outline on a bright orange background. big hands reach out to the side, head tilted to the side, eyes look up


Painting # 475

black and white figure with hands holding head, eyes looking up, primitive art style, with canvas border