Spirit Animal – An Artist’s Dream

As an artist in my daily practice I am committed to paying attention to metaphysical background of the so-called real world. One way that I do this is by keeping a dream journal. Recently I sent a message to the universe asking for help in finding my spirit animal. After a few weeks of putting this request out there I had this dream.

I am standing in a kitchen that is entirely white. Directly in front of me is a wall of cupboards that curves to the left and then changes into a row of windows. On the other side of the windows there is an indoor swimming pool. Out of the corner of my eye I notice that there is a sheep swimming back and forth in the pool. My partner, Giuliana is talking to me and waving her arms around. By the look on my face she can tell that I am thinking, “What’s with the sheep?” She interrupts herself and says, “Oh yeah, she snuggles,” and then continues talking.

I then notice that Giuliana is dressed all in white and wearing a fuzzy white jacket (dressed like a sheep!) I look back to the swimming pool and realize that it is much deeper than I first imagined. Lying on the bottom of the pool is a two-dimensional donkey. Once he realizes that I am staring at him, he becomes three-dimensional, rises to the surface and magically travels through the windows. He smiles and stretches his neck out so that his nose is almost touching mine. I can see deep into his big black eyes. Giuliana says, “Oh yeah, he snuggles too.”

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charcoal drawing of donkey, my spirit animal