The Dreaded Artist’s Statement


I don’t know any artist who likes to write an artist statement, but it is something we must do. I tackled the task last weekend starting with a brainstorm of thoughts on a giant sheet of paper. After a painstaking and emotionally grueling 6 hours my spirit guides and I were able to wrestle out of the ether a brutally honest and characteristically succinct summary of the underlying motives of my creative pursuits.

Artist Statement December 2019

I paint the unseen vibrations that connect humans and earth. I am exploring how energy moves and creates shapes that reoccur in plants, in animals, in minerals and in our own bodies.

Borrowing from the vast world of geometry, physics, math, neuroscience, mycology and geology I am building a visual language with the intention of representing harmonic images that produce a sympathetic harmonic vibration in my audience.

In order to build my visual language I practice many things. First, I observe. I watch the sky and the wind. I inspect plants and insects. I search for images online that show weather patterns, microscopic animals or models of growth. Second, I practice drawing. I draft ancient ruler and compass constructions. I draw shapes from chalkboards of physics and math professors. I sketch from photos of Chladni plates and other physics demonstrations that produce visualizations of specific vibratory frequencies. I draw Fibonacci spirals, the golden mean, whole root rectangles and vesica tone constructions. Third, I strengthen my psychic awareness by grounding myself, moving energy and paying close attention to subtle sensations. I listen with my whole body.

Connecting these practices and manifesting in the physical realm paintings that capture the vibratory essence underlying the nature of energy, is my task. Finding shapes that reward viewers with increased awareness of the mystical layers of reality motivates me to keep at it. Ultimately my goal is to make visible the invisible and to advocate for a deeper, more spiritual connection to earth.

-JAO December 2019, Minneapolis MN

Feedback welcome. . . .Thanks for reading.