My Art / Artist Statement

I am an artist because I need to express. The form and content of my vision changes, the patterns and shapes I use, the figures and animals, the pictures and performances, the intended meanings and imaginations, yet my goal stays the same. I want to join in the communal creative spirit of all beings, nurture imagination and promote a life style that that is committed to curiosity and wonder.

My Craft / Process

I like a direct approach to creativity. My process is to be present and seek the essential nature of a subject. I express the energy of the moment. I paint in the flow, staying open to subtle messages from my inner spirit and the greater cosmos. Commitment to the image and belief in the power of moment gives me the courage to create.

My Life / Bio

I grew up in Maine and Massachusetts. I moved to Minneapolis when I came of age which is where I now live. I went to art school, studied photography, graduated and started painting. Doing live painting performance executing expressive figures in minutes was my forte in the early stages of my career. Many years later I had a dream that I went into a bike store to buy chain oil and the sales person sold me oil paints. Oil painting is now my main medium. My subject matter is nature. I could call myself a landscape painter but nature painter seems more appropriate. I experiment with various traditional techniques and I am constantly learning more. I strive to connect with the earth and bring a sense of awe and wonder into my paintings. I am also an astrologer. Knowing the movement of the planets and how they aspect my natal placements helps me connect with the flow of creativity. 

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