My Art / Artist Statement

I am an artist because I want to make a difference. The form and content of my vision changes, the patterns and shapes I use, the figures and animals, the pictures and performances, the intended meanings and imaginations, yet my goal stays the same. I want to change things,  have an effect on life, put my two cents in, turn things around, open up and express. I am here. I feel things. I want to join in the communal creative spirit of all beings, nurture imagination and promote a life style that that is committed to curiosity and wonder.

My Craft / Process

I like a direct approach to creativity. My process is to dig down deep and find the essential nature of a subject. Using only lines that are absolutely necessary, I craft the simplest shapes for the maximum impact. I move fast and decisively when I work. Commitment to the image and belief in the power of moment gives me the courage to create.

My Life / Bio


I went directly to Art School in Maine after graduation from high school and transferred to the University of Minnesota in my Junior year. I dropped out shortly after as I felt school was holding me back. I wanted to use relief printmaking to large collage-style mixed media work but my instructor insisted we do editions of each image. It didn’t make sense to me, so I left. I continued to make print-making my main pursuit and source of money.


I joined a punk-rock band, The Pseudonymphs, and toured the country, making music and drinking beer.


I fell in love. My partner, Giuliana, and I formed a performance art duo called The Unruly Julies. We did live painting performances with spoken word and movement. One of our most popular works was La Sistina Infinta, The Unruly Julies paint the Sistine Ceiling in 40 minutes.

Speed Painter

I built a wall in the back of my pick up truck and toured the U. S. doing live “speed painting.” The wall held two six foot by six foot canvases, one on each side. I would paint one side in about two minutes, roll under the wall, come up on the other side and paint. The audience would run from one side of the truck to the other. I used really fast eastern European gypsy music as a soundtrack. I promoted myself as an artist-athlete and tried to encourage people to get up and move.


I wanted to go back to school. I returned and completed two degrees: AS in Computer Networking and a BA in Visual Storytelling.


I am currently creating performances and paintings and animations. I recently started working with oils! Hooray! It's awesome. I have been studying sacred geometry. Spirals and ellipses or rather close approximations of spirals and ellipses are emerging from the studio. Follow my progress in the blog. Cheers.

JAO the artist wearing black cap standing next to 8 foot square black and white figure painting with large abstract hands