As human animals motion is one of the main characteristics that distinguish us from plants. My interest in motion has driven me to create live paintings as a way to embrace motion as an element in visual art. My fast and energetic paintings emphasized the moment of creation. In my early work, the experience was more important than the finished painting. I did this as a way to minimize attachment and maximize action.

My recent work explores new perspectives on movement in visual art.

“Crows” are a series of paintings on the mythological concept of crows as messengers to the spirit world, thus embracing the idea of movement between worlds. This series includes a video painting entitled “The Message.”

“Running Away” are a series of paintings based on the physical reality of fast motion away from danger or of the fantasy of getting away from our worries and fears.

“Power Animals” are a series of images inspired by Paleolithic paintings from around the world. I am building a body of images to be used in an interactive installation that will generate imagery in response to spectators movements. More info (click here, and link to performance page)

“Rabbits” are a short series of paintings created to celebrate this small rodent whose ability to move quickly is its greatest defense.

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